The Four Components of the Waterfront Doctrine

Publication Date: Mar 10 2020
Vol 4 Issue 2

Abstract The CulturePlex has identified four areas of interest in the still emerging Waterfront Doctrine. These areas result from the set of decisions adopted by the three-levels-of-government (municipal, provincial and federal) corporation as well as from the positions taken by … read more

The Waterfront Doctrine

Publication Date: Mar 3 2020
Vol 4 Issue 1

Abstract The CulturePlex proposes that the current multi-stakeholder, multi-phase process being used to decide the future and scope of the development of Toronto’s eastern waterfront by Sidewalk Labs, is best described as the Waterfront Doctrine. The Waterfront Doctrine currently does … read more

You eat well in Spain, right?

Publication Date: Oct 22 2019
Vol 3 Issue 1

Abstract For several years, José Carlos Capel, gastronomic journalist at El País, has been writing his famous blog “Gastronotas de Capel” and a cuisine critique ( in which he evaluates, and rates his experience in several Spanish restaurants. In this … read more

Macondo: The Density of Time

Publication Date: May 7 2019
Vol 2 Issue 5

The repetition of names and surnames in One Hundred Years of Solitude Abstract Time can be cut with a knife in One Hundred Years of Solitude. Critics and readers have referred to the density of time in this world created … read more

If Twitter were an opinion poll…Petro would win on Sunday

Publication Date: May 25 2018
Vol 1 Issue 6

Retweeting networks show two clear favorites for the second round: Petro and Duque. Abstract If Twitter were an opinion poll, the winners in Sunday’s Presidential Election (first round) in Colombia would be, in this order: Gustavo Petro, followed by Iván … read more

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