The Waterfront Doctrine

Parliament Plaza, Toronto (Sidewalk Labs)


The CulturePlex proposes that the current multi-stakeholder, multi-phase process being used to decide the future and scope of the development of Toronto’s eastern waterfront by Sidewalk Labs, is best described as the Waterfront Doctrine.

The Waterfront Doctrine currently does not exist, but it is in the process of emerging as the stakeholders navigate the complex issues involved in this planning and development project. The CulturePlex has been monitoring this process, and has identified two interconnected structural components that will form the basis for the Waterfront Doctrine: First, the very open, consultative and bumpy process of public deliberations and private negotiations. Second, the set of decisions that, as a consequence of that process, are being reached to justify the boundaries of the use of digital technologies in cities in Canada and around the world.

Coordinator: Yadira Lizama-Mué and Daniel Varona Cordero
Designer: Ana Ruiz-Segarra
Editor: Emilio Calderón
Collaborators: Tália Méndez, Zeina Dghaim, Bárbara Romero, and María Paula Espejo

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