Colombia’s Peace Process and the Role of Culture

Cultural Networks of the Hispanic World

With this project, we aim to tackle various aspects of La Paz in Colombia and how the citizens contemplate peace over the years from 2016 to 2024.


The CulturePlex Lab’s involvement in the Proyecto Paz is centred on people’s testimonials of the different ways in which they experience ‘paz’, the data analysis of these experiences, and the impact that several initiatives have on both literacy and social development.

Schema of the Colombia Peace Project

The cultural initiatives by the Banco de la República around peace – Hechos de Paz, Cartas de la Persistencia, Los Niños Piensan la Paz, La Asamblea Constituyente, and the implementation of the Peace curriculum by the Ministry of Education – hold the people’s accounts of what peace means to them and essentially serve the purpose of presenting a subjective outlook at a level of microhistory across the country.


Other aspects of the peace project, like the teaching of the Constitution in schools and the new school curricula designed to include the peace project, are pivotal in our understanding of how the government and the people of Colombia together negotiate the issue of peace. Thus, we gain a macro outlook of this historic moment.

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