The Baroque Art Project: A data collection of Hispanic Baroque painters and paintings from 1550 to 1850

  The Hispanic Baroque Project is funding by The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, as part of a program that aims to finance projects that address complex, international and  interdisciplinary approach problems. 

   The principal objectives are: to describe the commons baroque patterns of the culture (context-dependent); to establish their relationship with the processes of identity and social organization related with them; to analyze the technologies of culture that make possible the adaptability of the Baroque; to determine the causes of Baroque effectiveness based on the resurgence of neo-baroque phenomena in the contemporary world; and to create new techniques to strengthen the research methods of the humanities and transversely applicable regardless of the type of self-cultural phenomenon of each discipline.

It is the result of a multi- disciplinary collaboration in Digital Humanities that focuses on the multi-scale analysis of the network of Baroque paintings and painters in the territories of the Hispanic Monarchy from the 16th through the 18th centuries.

  The Hispanic Baroque Art Database is available on and contains the following information:

Creators: Biographical information, such as date of birth and death, place of birth and relations to other artists.

Artworks: Information on artworks, such as their original location, their current location and its relation to the creator.

Series: Information about series, including the works belonging to a group of artworks and the different pieces in one series.

Map: A visualization of the paintings in both spacial and temporal settings.

In conjuction with SSHRC and our own belief to strengthen collective research capacity and encourage the open reuse of data, the BaroqueArt Database releases all of its metadata to the public domain. However, copyright to the images remain to their respective holders. Most artwork images have been linked from other sites, for reference purposes, and their respective copyright remains with their holders. The code of the web site can be found here and is released under Affero GPL.

 Users can found an ontology that describe the Hispanic Baroque artworks available in RDF/XML format at:

 Our articles related to the Hispanic Baroque Project are:

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