From Taste of Home to Bullipedia: Collaboration, Motivations and Trust

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Bullipedia, the online gastronomic encyclopedia, is an idea yet to be developed. In this work, we analyze a community formed around a food magazine, Taste of Home (ToH), and extract some good practices to incorporate them to the future Bullipedia. ToH is a recipe exchange magazine specialized in Midwestern cuisine. Its recipes are reliable as they are from home cooks and tested by ToH’s professional chefs. This model of user created content (curated by culinary experts) generates trust and a strong sense of community among like-minded people who share food preparation tips and anecdotes. In this paper, we present a study on the interaction network of ToH community in order to understand major motivators for its members to contribute. In our approach, we analyzed the ToH community through its social network on Facebook. Firstly, we selected a subset of users that posted on ToH’s timeline. Then, we created connections between two users when one of them commented on the other’s post. Finally, we extracted the topology of the social network and identified the main nodes. Our key finding is that this community is very poorly structured and hierarchical, and that ToH is placed in a central position, which gives it full control of all flow of information in the network. The fact above is important for a magazine whose business model is based on advertising, as it ensures its users always have to visit its own sources of information. We propose to adopt such demonstrated successful model to the Bullipedia.

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