El Humanista Digital

Publication Date: Jan 1 2013

La era digital ha transformado de manera profunda el sentido y la proyección de las humanidades.  Pero no en el sentido catastrofista que algunos temen.  Para Stanley Fish, el trabajo de académico de las humanidades empleado por una universidad para … read more

The Neo-Baroque, a Cultural Solution

Publication Date: Apr 2 2012

What Neo-Baroque artists propose in exhibitions like Barroco Nova are different forms to walk those pathways, new ways to establish connections, various hints at the hidden patterns inside information networks. Triggering the imagination of the spectator to envision appropriate routes … read more

A Virtual Laboratory for the Study of History and Cultural Dynamics

Publication Date: Oct 31 2011

This article presents a Virtual Laboratory that enables the researcher to try hypotheses and confirm data analysis about different historical processes and cultural dynamics. This Virtual Cultural Laboratory (VCL) is developed using agent-based modeling technology. Individuals’ tendencies and preferences as … read more

Tecnologías del Humanismo

Publication Date: Jul 1 2011

This books introduces the idea of Humanism as a set of technologies of culture that take preeminence in the social and political organization of 16th and 17th-century Spain and America. This technologies play an important adaptive role in an environment … read more

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