Bárbara Romero Ferrón

I am PhD Student in Hispanic Studies program of Western University. I am part of Cultureplex Lab and iArtHislab research group of the University of Málaga.

I have a Master of Arts with honours, specializing in Social Development of Artistic Culture. I got honours in my master thesis: How the first Catalogue of Spanish monuments was developed. Analysis of the correspondence of Manuel Gómez-Moreno Martínez’s from 1894 to 1902. Also I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Malaga. I obtain an Early Research Grant from the University of Málaga with my final undergrad project: Kandinsky and the music.

My research focuses on Spanish art during the XIX and XX century, more specifically on the study of exhibitions from a digital humanities perspective. I have worked in various organisations and on multiple projects related to education, outreach and museums. My work at the museums have been focused in the education department as well as in the conservation and curator department.

In Academic field, I was part of the organization, as academic secretary, of some international congress, symposiums and academic events in Málaga with the professor Nuria Rodriguez Ortega. We organise each year the Summer School on Digital Art History, Data Driven Analysis and Digital Narratives with the University of Berkeley, California, EEUU.

My personal interests are related with museums, exhibitions and digital humanities

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