Daniel Varona

With a background on IT by achieving a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering at University of Informatics Sciences in Havana, Cuba; I am currently enrolled as PhD student of Hispanic Studies Program at Western University. I enjoy being Teaching Assistant of Digital Humanities, and Research Assistant at Cultureplex Lab.

I had been a Professor at University of Informatics Sciences in topics like: Software Engineering, Software Management, Software Quality Assurance, and Research Methods. At the same time on industry, I have performed as Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager, and Quality Auditor in projects related to public services, quality certification, business process management, and big data.

I was awarded with the Emerging Leaders for America Program ELAP in 2010 at Western University as a researcher. My current research interests are focused primarily on software engineering empirical studies, cultural analytics, data science, machine learning, network analysis, and predictive models to describe Cultural Phenomena. As a member of the Cultureplex Laboratory, I work as a data analyst.

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