David Brown

I am a 4th year Ph.D. student in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Western University, where I am a T.A. in the Digital Humanities program and an R.A. at the the CulturePlex Lab.

At the CulturePlex, I form part of the core research and development team, and I am active in a wide variety of projects that range from content generation to data analysis and software development. My research focuses primarily on multi-partite cultural networks, and how the spread of objects across time and space affects the dissemination of cultural information. In my dissertation, 10 Million Spanish Books, I employ the OCLC WorldCat dataset to provide a comprehensive, data driven approach to understanding the history of Spanish language publication over the last five centuries. More generally, I am interested in network analysis, social media, graph databases, history, and the Python programming language.

In my free time, I develop and maintain a series of Python clients for the Gremlin Server, which provides connectivity to a wide variety of graph databases. I also enjoy travel, hiking, skiing, and camping at Ontario’s beautiful provincial parks.

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