Javier de la Rosa

I recently graduated from the PhD program in Hispanic Studies at Western University, with a strong focus on Digital Humanities, and have since continued on a Post-doc fellowship at the same university. I hold a Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering and a Master’s in Logic and Artificial Intelligence, both from the University of Sevilla.

My research interests include software development, graph databases, network analysis, and machine learning. As part of the CulturePlex, some of the Digital Humanities projects that I have worked on are: analysis of World and Baroque paintings looking for patterns in topics and the canons of beauty; study of the allegorical plays by Spanish playwright, Calderón de la Barca, from a sentiment analysis perspective; proposal to shed some light on the centuries-old problem of the anonymity of the Lazarillo de Tormes by means of text fingerprint and automatic authorship attribution.

In addition to my own research at the CulturePlex, I also design software architectures for lab projects such as SylvaDB, as well as supervise and manage them in terms of completion, tasks, and day-to-day routines.

Before joining the CulturePlex Lab, I was Chief of Research and Development at an open-source company in Seville, where I collaborated in Spanish and European projects consortia. From my years as a FLOSS developer I learnt Python and the way in which open source communities work, which I have tried to replicate at the CulturePlex.

A lover of films and photography, I try to spend as much time as I can traveling and nurturing myself with other cultures and new challenges. I speak Spanish and English, as well as Python, which I consider myself near-native in, at this point.

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