Zeina Dghaim

I am a Ph.D. student in Hispanic Studies with a Specialization in Transitional Justice & Post-Conflict Reconstruction. I am also Research Assistant at Cultureplex Lab.

What does it mean to be human in today’s world? And how do conflict and peace impact and shape humans in the 21st century? These questions guide my research, and are my root interest.

I am a Master of Arts graduate in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations from The University of Toronto, and hold an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature from Western University.

For the past twelve years, as a professional training and development specialist, I have developed and implemented numerous creative projects across the education, community, art, and social services sectors. My passion is working with organizations and communities that place people at the heart of their programs.

My PhD research focuses on museum evaluation methods, paying special attention to how building and exhibition design can support our needs.

As an artist I look forward to applying my creative art to the realm of research and academia.

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