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The CulturePlex Lab
Western University

The CulturePlex Lab is a multi-disciplinary facility that does research on culture analytics and digital innovation. Our team is made up of humanists, computer scientists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, engineers and designers who come together to solve complex problems. Our toolbox includes design thinking, modelling, big data, network analysis, agent-based simulations, digital anthropology and traditional humanistic approaches.

The CulturePlex Lab has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (LOF), the Government of Ontario, Western U., the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and the Ontario Centers of Excellence. The CulturePlex Lab is run by Prof. Juan-Luis Suarez (Ph.D., Ph.D., GxMBA).


Cultural Analytics
Understanding Human Behavior

Cultural analytics is the result of combining big data, digital mapping, and conceptual analysis to anticipate and prepare for the challenges in people’s behavior produced by the digital.

Using cultural networks and social network analysis, we model the behavior of human agents or populations in a given context to understand all its dimensions and variables in complex settings. Then, we collect data and run simulations and analyses to understand the implications of small changes in behavior over the whole networks. Finally, we apply machine learning and other big data techniques to predict future changes and trends.

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Digital Innovation
Surfing the Digital

We partner with companies and organizations to help them deploy their innovation agendas and tackle problems related to digital behavior, social networks, machine translation, fintech and big data.

Our research on digital innovation focuses on digital anthropology, content analytics, lean big data and social media. We thrive on solving problems that require us the creation of strong conceptual frameworks and the analysis of lots of data. We love to figure out people’s behaviour across cultures and media ecosystems.

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Meet the Team

The CulturePlex Lab is run by Prof. Juan-Luis Suarez, below are a few of our team members. Click on individual photos for more details.

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